Ricky Roars: Signs of Love from Beyond

In the blink of an eye, another person’s choices can totally change your life. When author Elison McAllaster’s dynamic youngest son was tragically killed in a car accident on New Year’s Eve, she declared to her family that they had to look for the positive and trust that more good would come out of that experience than negative. Little did she know how true that would be.

Over the next twelve months, they had repeated, miraculous communications from beyond. From visits from sacred birds to instant electronic signals, their son, Ricky, let them know that he was still with them-listening, watching, and signaling his love and approval of their daily struggle back to life and laughter.

These signs from beyond are unique because they have been witnessed by other people in varying conditions. Love never dies, and Ricky’s strength of spirit and creative ability to share love from another form will inspire and uplift anyone who feels detached from a passed loved one.

About the Author:  Elison McAllaster

Elison McAllaster lives in coastal Georgia with her husband, Dick McAllaster, their older son, daughter, and two grandchildren. She spends summers in Breckenridge, Colorado. She and her husband founded the Ricky McAllaster Foundation ten months after Ricky passed. They promote an annual Ricky McAllaster Memorial Lacrosse Classic tournament every February and sell the newly created RIP 10 line of athletic shorts online to raise funds to promote teen driving safety programs and youth athletics in the area.


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I could not put this book down….and have read it two more times. It is one of the most spiritual books I have read. I laughed and I cried. This is one of those books that will stay with you forever. It makes you think and understand. I appreciate Elison’s honesty and can feel the LOVE! I recommend this to all. It truly is an excellent read.
Kareen Falls, Amazon
What an inspiration McAllaster is to endure all she has an still try to turn her family tragedy into something good. Any parent of a teenager must read this book!
Aspinwald, Amazon