THINK   Teen Driving Safety programs

       The Ricky McAllaster Foundation has organized, sponsored and paid for different national Teen Driving Safety programs each year in the Chatham County high schools for the past 8 years.  We have been in every school in Chatham County and other schools in Bryant, Effingham, and Beaufort County.  This is our mission — to prevent teen driving accidents through education and guidance, teaching and practicing accident avoidance skills, and emphasizing to teens the importance of understanding how our choices affect everyone around us!

       In the 2014 – 2015 school year, we partnered with Elba Liquefaction Co. ( a joint venture between Shell & Kinder Morgan), the Chatham County Youth Commission, and Savannah NCSY to sponsor the following schedule:

  1.   Oct 13,  2014  — Teen Victim Impact program, Islands High School,
  2.   Oct. 14, 2014 –   Teen Victim Impact at Jenkins High School,
  3.   Oct. 15, 2014 –   Teen Victim Impact at Savannah High School,
  4.   Oct. 16 , 2014 –   Teen Victim Impact at Groves High School,
  5.   Oct. 31, 2014  –  Arrive Alive program, Islands High School,
  6.   Nov. 4, 2014  –   Arrive Alive program, Groves High School,
  7.   Dec. 10, 2014 –  Teen Victim Impact, Savannah Country Day,
  8.   Jan. 14, 2015  –  Teen Victim Impact, Beach High School,
  9.   Feb. 10, 2015  –  Teen Victim Impact, New Hampstead High,
  10.   Feb. 11, 2015  –   Teen Victim Impact,  Benedictine Military,
  11.   March 20 – 21, 2015 —  Police Training for Teen Drivers,  open to all area high school students with a parent.

      We have continued our mission in the area schools throughout the 2016 and 2017 school years. Elison McAllaster speaks to the students at each school on the consequences of uneducated or spontaneous driving decisions, and hands out free glow – in – the – dark memorybands.   These memorybands serve as a reminder to teens to stop and  THINK  before they put the keys in the ignition, get in a car with someone who shouldn’t be driving, or start texting and driving. We have also handed out over 7000 THINK keychains to provide a constant reminder to the teens to THINK before they get behind the wheel.

      We are dedicated to saving teen driver’s lives, one day, one student, one life at a time!